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Cryo-EM Structures Sought for CASP14

The 14th Critical Assessment of Techniques for Protein Structure Prediction (CASP) round started on May 18, 2020. As in previous CASPs, protein crystallographers, NMR spectroscopists and cryo-EM scientists are asked to provide details of structures they expect to have made public before September 15, 2020. All types of protein structure may be good modeling targets, but membrane proteins and protein complexes are particularly needed. The last day for suggesting proteins as CASP targets is July 31, 2020.

CASP community experiments aim to advance the state of the art in protein structure modeling. Every other year since 1994, CASP collects information on soon-to-be released experimental structures, passes on sequence data to the structure modeling community, and collects blind predictions of structure for assessment. The success of CASP is completely dependent on the generous help of the experimental community in providing targets. About 100 modeling groups from around the world participate. Results of CASP experiments are published in special issues of the journal PROTEINS.

For more details see the call for CASP14 targets.

Posted on behalf of the CASP organizing committee.

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