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Cryo-EM Modeling Challenge Update: Biopolymers Special Issue Call For Papers

A special issue of Biopolymers will cover the results of the first Cryo-EM Modeling Challenge held in 2010 with accompanying workshop at PSB 2011. The challenge was very successful with 136 models submitted by 10 different research groups using 13 different software packages. All challenge participants have been encouraged to submit a full manuscript documenting their results.

In addition, researchers in cryo-EM based modeling who were unable to participate in the original challenge are also welcome to contribute to the special issue. A prerequisite for doing so is to apply your methods to one or more of the standard test models used for the challenge, and submit the new results to the challenge server for public access.

The deadline for submission of completed manuscripts is November 1, 2011. Some time will be allowed for necessary review and minor revisions, though there is no guarantee of final acceptance. Articles may be either mini-communications or regular articles as described on the journal web site. Submissions should be made directly to the journal with a cover letter clearly stating that your submission is targeted at the special issue. The submission form will also have an area where the special issue can be indicated.

The review process will be handled by Associate Editor Bob Glaeser, with advice from the Challenge organizers. While not absolutely required, Steve would greatly appreciate if you would send him a short note indicating your intent to submit a manuscript before July 1. This will help us and the journal plan the timing and size of the issue. Please also email Steve directly with any specific questions.

Steve Ludkte, challenge organizer
Helen Berman, Wah Chiu, Gerard Kleywegt and Cathy Lawson, co-organizers

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National Institutes of Health
National Institute of General Medical Sciences

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