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New Publication describing EMDB

A new publication in the NAR Database issue entitled "EMDB--The Electron Microscopy Data Bank" addresses the recent developments in the archiving of 3DEM data and the future plans for the EMDB. The burgeoning popularity of the electron microscopy field has been coupled with new technologies and software solutions, together this has pushed exponential growth in yearly depositions, increases in the resolution of the deposited data, and, consequently, accuracy of molecule models associated with 3DEM data. As the EMDB continues to grow it remains dedicated to delivering a world-class archive that adheres to FAIR principles. In addition, the co-authors (wwPDB Consortium) recognise the importance of easy and open access to accurately curated data for the various users of the archive, and plan to continue to facilitate and enhance this moving forward.

Source: pdb-l mailing list, March 8, 2024

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