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September News

Changes to FTP access for map data: reminder

As we announced early in the year, the EMDB map archive is now distributed alongside the PDB archive by all three wwPDB partner sites. To download or retrieve EMDB map or header files, please go to one of the three current distribution sites:

In addition, example commands for downloading EMDB and PDB data from the wwPDB sites via rsync are available here.

ftp://emdb.rutgers.edu is no longer an official service for EMDB data and will be retired in the near future.

Virus poster

Learn about polyhedral, helical, complex, and enveloped viruses with examples drawn at approximately 900,000x magnification. Created by our staff in collaboration with RCSB-PDB. Download: Flyer (8 1/2 x 11", PDF)

A new look for our website

We recently updated the look of our web site -- check out the new slider feature for improved browsing of recently released entries.

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